Making big changes is hard – so don’t. Finding time and motivation is hard – so don’t.
Go one habit at a time with Impact Community and Health Buddy.

For individuals

Self Education

Learn simple strategies on health and happiness of Millionaires and Impact Community members around the world!

Browse through our website and social media as your self-guide and short cut to healthy lifestyle. Take time to reflect on your lifestyle. Inspire self-growth and well-being!

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Impact Community

Let’s connect!  Share your point of view, discover new ideas, spark conversations, connect and encourage each other.

Join our Impact Health Community. Platform for collective wisdom and interactive networking. Write an article on our website, post on social media and leave a like or a comment.

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One Stop Shop

Train your mind and care for your body with your Impact buddy, mentor or health coach! Stop with #too busy.

Contact a Health coach to learn simple strategies, get support, motivation, and to have fun. Link health goals to your life goals. Build a lifestyle that makes you feel confident, strong and vital.

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For companies

Health Check

Get tested! Audit employee’s engagement through facts and figures on absenteeism, turnover, satisfaction, and productivity. Engage.

Show empathy to understand business and private goals of your people. Address the root cause of challenges and get healthier than ever as a culture.

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Energy Events

Bring your people together to connect and grow. Inspire progress. Challenge and push boundaries. Change perspective. Boost energy.

Team up smartly for engaged and high-performing workplace. Teach through entertainment and mutual connection. Make an event worth to attend.

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Healthy Culture

Stand out as employer of choice and best place to work. Create workplace and culture that you will proudly leave as your legacy.

Strong culture is measured by fulfilled employees. Happy companies are always different. Make it your mission to have your employees love their job.

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