“A star wants to see himself rise to the top.
A leader wants to see those around him rise to the top.” -Simon Sinek-

People, honesty, integrity and ethics are the most popular core values of any organization. These are most often cited on company websites and talked about during quarterly town halls. Sadly enough, money and figures are the actual #1 corporate value, with star-leaders finding their employees demotivated, tired and unfulfilled.

People-focused organizations outperform the number-focused organizations. Engaged employees make a business grow with less absenteeism, less turnover, greater productivity and greater profitability. As Simon Sinek says, happy employees ensure happy customers, while happy customers ensure happy shareholders.

Hence, take care of your employees first and they will take care of your numbers.

Show them the way

Strong corporate culture is not an HR issue. It is a leadership issue. It sits in the very front and top of the organization. True and honest corporate culture is led by the leaders who dare to lead, put people first, lead by example and create other leaders. Healthy corporate culture is when employees feel safe, appreciated, inspired and find meaning in their work.

As Gallup researcher Jim Harter says “The whole person comes to work, not just the worker.”

Moving beyond the short-term money goals and silo approach to employees’ engagement means making employee well-being an honest priority in the long-term strategic vision of any business.

To lead is to go first and make it easier for others to travel the path with you. The essence of being a leader is to exemplify first in yourself what is being asked of others.


Leadership is a practice of courage and empathy with consistency, not intensity.

A leader needs followers. Leadership requires people who are willing to follow the leader. Not because they have to, not because they are paid to, but because they trust and want to. A true leader knows how to win peoples’ hearts before minds.

Leadership is always about people first. It’s not about talking a big game and sending thank you notes during quarterly town halls standing in front of a room full of strangers. It is about inspiring others and finding out what truly matters to your employees, before requesting hard work and an extra mile.

It’s about creating an environment where your people feel safe, appreciated and inspired. True leaders project charisma. They are relatable, inspire positive change, care, make people feel they matter and support their growth.

The number one habit of leadership is empathy and commitment to human beings, backed up by the courage to lead for long-term personal and business gains.


Get yourself under control first, before you lead others.
Project strength, energy and charisma.

You cannot give away what you don’t have. You cannot give away charisma, support or motivation if you don’t have energy and passion in you. You cannot ask of others what you are not willing or able to give away yourself. You cannot expect extraordinary commitment by providing others with the bare minimum. Be a high performing leader in order to deserve a high performing team.

Become a healthy and strong person first. Invest in yourself. Take pride in not only being a highly ranked worker of an organization, but an interesting, passionate and all-rounded person.

Be the coolest you can be, and others will be inspired to do the same. Be a teacher and promoter of health, happiness and balance.

Create an organization that educates and promotes good values, teaches healthy lifestyle habits and helps people achieve their goals. Lift up and raise the quality of the lives of those you serve. This will lead to more successful working environment and a happy and healthy society in general.


Lead with calm assertiveness to build trust and to inspire.
Create healthy functioning teams.

If an organization consistently struggles to keep its people motivated, or just to keep them, it means the leadership is sub-optimal and lacks an understanding how to positively contribute to their employees. True leadership is about shifting how somebody feels about themselves into something more positive. Making people feel like they matter.

People are different in skill set and in mindset. People face severe challenges at times. Willingness to understand the perspective of the other person and the reasons behind someone else’s decision making is the key. Commit yourselves to the regime of an active service for others. Truly care about your employees’ success, same as you care for the well-being of your family.

It’s not about intensity, but consistency of the daily leadership practices. Power game and escalation of pressure from the top down is an old game, and it’s not sustainable. It only creates chaos and triggers defensive behavior in people. Kindness and empathy are hallmarks of the new era of leadership. Leaders must own their challenges, manage the pressure and stress they face, and take responsibility for supporting their employees.

Strong minded leaders create trust and empower others by staying calm, kind and constructive. Act with courage and inspire others to be brave. When we are brave with our lives, we make everyone around us a little more daring and the world a more courageous place.

Own your day, create your life!