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Mind | Gratitude
Happiness is a state of being we all seek, as if it’s something grand and majestic. We seem to structurally forget that happiness is actually hiding in the smallest of moments in life. Although we cannot always influence what happens to us, we surely can influence how we look at the things that happen.

Mind | Passion & Purpose
I must admit, during the past months I have felt like I have been failing instead of growing. Like I have given up on all that is important, everything I was striving so hard for, everything I worked so hard for during the last four years only to return to the same spot where I left years ago…

Mind | Self-awareness
Happiness is an inside job. We are responsible for our feelings, we are responsible for the way we interpret the events in our environment, how we choose to see ourselves, how we turn the perceived reality into a story in our minds. But this way of thinking can sometimes be more harmful than constructive.

Mind | Passion & Purpose
The Law of attraction is a simple force to play with, but somehow we stumble in this very simplicity. When you play with this force of nature, you will soon discover two truths: first, it will deliver you exactly what you ordered. Secondly, you will have to let go, and enjoy the journey while you trust fully that your order is taken seriously.

Mind | Passion & Purpose
When we rebel against our passion, we stiffen and stay out of tune. We think we know better, we think our dreams are stupid, silly or unattainable, and we stay stuck. When we say ‘oh but it is selfish‘ or any other excuse we can come up with, we are rebelling against the higher good for us, and the higher good of the humanity.

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