My story

I needed to run myself empty, to finally give myself a break and look inside in order to heal.

For years, I pushed for perfection, for checking the boxes, having it all and chased ever shifting place or moment in time where and when I would have it or become it. Then happiness would come.

I conditioned myself and others, endlessly. I denied an impact that my childhood and the relationship of my parents had on how I perceived myself and relationships. I developed protection mechanisms and patterns, which saved me from socially perceived failures but took away so much joy, discovery, love and passion.

Eventually I became sick and tired of feeling part-time happy, victimizing myself and giving responsibility to others, or to the past, for today.

What I truly wished for myself was to remove all these layers and find the feeling of contentment, peace, safety and being enough. To be someone I love, to do what I truly love and surround myself with those who do as well.

The practices shared through Impact Body & Mind helped me on this journey. This journey made me want to live more of this with others and for others, and to make the personal change happen where I believe it is needed the most – at our impersonal working environments.

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