Impact Vision

The Impact Body & Mind vision is to make healthy and happy be cool and sexy. Feel better by being better, kinder and lifting others up. The vision comes from the dream and belief that we all can feel happier every day, live more authentically and fully.

The Impact Body & Mind feels the need to redesign the way corporate culture defines success. It is about leaving the shallow, the busy and the tired, and bringing healthy transformations into the office. Our vision is to create a healthy and uplifting corporate culture, where courageous and people-focused leaders are true examples, promoters and enablers of the employees’ growth and their success.

It is about changing the corporate game into making employee well-being a priority and differentiating factor of an organization. This is not about health or well-being becoming a daily business, but a seamlessly incorporated daily practice and a way of living and working together. It aims to support and reinforce people’s drive, motivation, productivity, self-worth, trust and team values.

This transformation focuses on the following pillars of people’s well-being: Body and Mind, importance of daily Habits, corporate environment as a catalyst, and Leaders as promoters of a good change.

My work is about:

  • Sharing content on health and happiness, raising awareness and inspiring positive personal change.
  • Sharing tools and best practices to support action, and making changes happen through simple daily habits.
  • Supporting personal transformations through consulting and doing this together.
  • Supporting redesign of corporate culture through consulting, connecting raw, authentic, mission driven individuals and organizations, and making healthy practices accessible from the offices.
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