Make a full-time living doing what you love, and surround yourself with those who do. 

We aim to change the corporate game by transforming the impersonal working spaces designed to

arrive early, work hard, look busy, get tired,
get paid, live for the weekend,

into a dynamic, productive environment full of inspired, fulfilled and happy people.


This is about mental and physical well-being, as a foundation for a balanced and colorful life.

Realize the interconnection of Mind, Body and environment. Close the gap between thinking about what needs to be done, and actually doing and living it.

Having fulfilling careers. Loving passionately.
Having more confidence. Being free and living on one’s own terms.
Lifting others up.



Hi, my name is Dominika

Believer in Healthy is sexy, Inner peace is strength, Kindness is cool, Together is better, Happiness is contagious.

Fascinated by holistic health and total human optimization.
Striving for myself and others to combine Body love, and a calm, controlled Mind.
Aiming for myself and others to live up to their fullest potential, each day having fun and feeling joy.

Fascinated by corporate culture.
Believer that leaders hold the power, ability and responsibility to help people reach their fullest potential.
Striving for corporate culture to cultivate productivity (instead of busyness), inspire passion (instead of rat race) and support health and greater balance (instead of pressure).

Practitioner of all above.

My Story


Partners are raw, authentic, mission driven individuals and organizations that enhance my Consulting work with their unique products and services. I reached out to them to support me in the mission of bringing Body and Mind Habits closer to the corporate environment.

We are united by a single purpose, to make the Impact Body & Mind vision a reality. Our paths crossed when we have been striving to live authentically, fully, with peace and joy. We became friends supporting each other on this path towards total Body & Mind optimization.

Together is better and much more fun! 

Kaisa Kapanen

Writer & Life Coach

Kaisa has a background in Financial Services, but she is always hunting for the next passion project. She gets excited about personal development, writing, new beginnings, coaching and helping others achieve their dreams. For Impact Body & Mind she acts as a sparring partner for Dominika, as well as a content developer.

Inspirational leaders

We found the feeling of home, deep connection and mentorship in vision and work of some amazing mission driven individuals. Their ideas and philosophies shared with the world have been truly inspiring and their positive impact very impressive. This gave Dominika the wings to start the Impact Body & Mind, and use those ideas to further ignite positive change. Making positivity louder and go viral.

This passion project exists thanks to their wisdom, inspiration, and work in service for others:

Simon Sinek, who taught me to start with WHY and that it is our right (not a privilege) to feel inspired and fulfilled at work.

Gary Vaynerchuck, who reminded me that we only live once, and that regret is the biggest poison.

Mel Robbins, who taught me that motivation is garbage, and that confidence is the willingness to try.

Aubrey Marcus, who deepened my understanding of total human optimization.

Lewis Howes, who showed me connection and meaning behind vulnerability and living without masks.

Tom Bilyeu, who taught me that mindset is everything.

Jesse Elder, who taught me that we cannot suffer our way to happiness.

Jay Shetty, who inspired me to live a life of service, impact and passion as opposed to money, fame and power.

Tony Robbins, who taught me that the secret to living is giving, and whose powerful energy is contagious.

Impact Community

Get inspiration and impact from there resourceful articles!