The silent whisper of intuition

Kaisa Kapanen
March 1, 2019

The voice of the intuition is silent but it goes forth with the strength of the ocean. It is liquid, almost unnoticeable, soft and flexible, until it takes you over and washes you on the shores of your dreams. Sometimes you think you can ignore it, you think you can be above it. Steer better, know better. But no matter how stubborn you are, it will never leave you. Luckily, because we so desperately need it.

Intuition and its neutral voice

Recently my NLP teacher told me about different minds that we all have. We all have a positive mind, negative mind, and a neutral mind. We are all slightly tilted towards one of these, or more accurately towards either a positive or negative mind.

The positive mind in its core is always full of possibilities. It has a complete trust in life and the flow of things. For the positive mind everything will always work out, and everything is always possible. While this is a very good tendency to have, the shadow side of this can be that we neglect the realities of life and leave too much to chance. When consumed by the positive mind, we may overlook the risks involved, and potentially put ourselves in harm’s way.

Sometimes we may confuse this to be the voice of intuition. I can raise my hand right here, and confess. This is me. And while I love my positive mind because of its child-like faith and trust into the beauty of the Universe, I have to admit that I sometimes tend to risk perhaps a bit too much in order to follow my dreams. No matter how much I hate the word practical, I admit I should practice this side of me more.

The negative mind is more focused on keeping us safe. Instead of blindly going for it, it will first and foremost draw our attention to all the practical things we need to take care of. It will remind us how to remain safe, it will make us think about all the things that could go wrong, and all the things we need to take care of. Again, very useful and important, but taken to its extreme this can be a very limiting way of thinking, operated by fear only. And no, this is also not what intuition sounds like.

The neutral mind is actually close to intuition, hanging somewhere in the middle, somewhere deeper. It is neither positive or negative, but rather like an independent adviser whispering and guiding in the background.

Not about the end results or convenience

During a normal day the positive or negative mind is chattering on, taking us to new directions. But the intuition is something which is underneath, quietly steering us throughout our lives. It is not so much about the next hop or the next short-term dream, it’s more about a life long, solid guidance from within. This voice is not invested in the end results, it cares about the process of doing.

It also does not always make sense to our conscious mind. Our ego may resist it, because it may often be very much opposite of what the ego finds important. This makes the voice of the intuition sometimes very difficult. I speak from experience when I say that it can be highly inconvenient to hear that you will need to divorce after just marrying, settling down and having “it all.” It is highly inconvenient to sense that you have to give up a project which you have spent years preparing, giving it your heart and soul, only to abandon it because your intuition tells you to, without telling you what else to do instead.

Quiet down to hear the whisper

There is a short video clip circling Facebook from Steven Spielberg talking about dreams and intuition. He recognizes that true dreams, like intuition, is not something coming obviously and directly at you. Dreams have a tendency to sneak up on you, they surprise you, and you cannot always plan them. The same is true for intuition. It does not shout, it will not be in your face, but it will speak in whispers instead. And when it speaks, you may often find its messages surprising.

In order for us to hear this whisper, we need to make some effort. We need to quiet down and hit the pause button.  If we don’t, we are living in a trance, reacting to life’s many demands rather than living with purpose. Meditation is a great way to bring some needed space into your life. It will help not just when you are in the act of meditation itself, but the space and sensitivity created in meditation will follow you throughout your days.

Giving it time

Above all, in order to truly hear the soft voice of intuition, we should give it some time. This is something I am always struggling with, because I would rather know where I am going and what I should be doing at all times. But sometimes we have to accept the vague in-between times, the messy middles, and practice the art of trust.

We may get the intuitive message to stop a project or avoid going toward a certain direction. This may be a clear message, but what may not be clear is what to do instead. Because what we should do, is allow there to be time and space.

There needs to be space in life before new things can grow. This space may take its sweet time, and then there you are. Floating on the surface of the ocean like a tiny little cork not knowing if you are actually going anywhere because there are no reference points. It’s down to you and your intuition, you and your channel of communication with the Universe.

The beauty of space is that we are actually allowing something new to emerge, rather than trying to push something into existence by force. Allowing something to emerge has a very different energy, it is trusting, natural and it goes with the flow of life.

So let us follow those sweet whispers of the soul, and let the eternally wise intuition guide us.

Originally published on Life as we think we know it in 2017.

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