This is a home for everyone who refuses to be part-time happy.

This is for those who chase happiness, who need more and who are passionate about finding their purpose and meaning.

The Impact approach offers raw insights for those who want to feel their best, and operate at the optimum level of energy and potential every single day.
To laugh, love and enjoy experiences to the fullest.

To live authentically, healthy and full-time happy.


To kill the phrase “Work-life balance”
To live the entire Life in balance.

Most of us live our life as though by accident. We live as it happens or as others live it. We show up to work to pay the bills, afford more status symbols, and escape into life to feel free, relax and be ourselves. Areas of life outside of work are a way of getting our human needs met.

What if every area of our lives, our physical health and energy, our personal sense of meaning and fulfillment, our rich and meaningful social connections, our career and financial life, was operating at a higher level? Instead of seeing health and happiness as occasional or special experiences, what if we would naturally experience these levels of energy, intensity, beauty, joy, connection and meaning also at work?

Healthy habits must be endorsed at the office, in order for us to live a fully all-around healthy life. The power, ability and responsibility for this transformation lies with leaders!

Inspirational leadership

Habits driven approach

Habits driven approach is the simplest recipe to get you from where you are right now towards your desired goal and a balanced life.

What we repeatedly do becomes a habit. Develop habits that serve you. Make a conscious choice to commit to your health and happiness.
Move slowly and consistently towards daily habits that support you feeling good at the end of every single day.

It all starts with defining your ‘WHY’, realizing that you will never feel ready but must do it anyway, and acknowledging that doing things together is easier and more fulfilling.

Create your habits


Your resources for creating a long lasting, positive and powerful change for both Body and Mind. 

Level up your daily energy to fully live the game of life.

Your Body talks to you all the time. Listen to it and provide your Body with the ultimate fuel to operate at a peak level.

Understand your optimized practices for hydration, nutrition, supplementation of deficiencies and movement. Make use of the free miracle doctors, like sunlight, nature, cold exposure, intentional deep breathing, laughter, sex and sleep.

Body habits
Impact Body & Mind

Navigate your Mind, live your life intentionally.

Mindset is everything. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Live your life consciously.

Mind habits are about gaining self-awareness and self-love first, and connecting to your true passion and purpose. From this place, operate only in kindness, gratitude, and positivity. Be the change you want to see, and uplift others!

Mind habits

Impact Vision

It’s time to redesign the way corporate culture defines success. It’s time to leave the shallow, busy and tired, and bring in a healthy transformation! Our vision is to create a healthy and uplifting corporate culture, where courageous and people-focused leaders are true examples, promoters and enablers of the employee growth and success.

About Impact vision